The 14 Best Halloween Masks on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews and lots of ‘em) products and single out the most convincing. Here, because it’s almost Halloween, we’ve chosen the best Halloween masks on Amazon, according to the people — we’ve previously picked a perfect Flintstones costume and great pop-culture costumes, too. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)


Best Horse Halloween Mask

“I got this for my daughter … And I slightly regret it. She walks around the house wearing it, and she leaves it inside of my closet and it scares me. She hides in dark hallways and stands there, and waits for someone to see her. She says it’s one of the best things I’ve ever gotten her, and she always has it. The only downside is, it makes her hair smell very latex-y, but it goes away in a wash.”

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Best Baby Halloween Mask

“So I got this for Halloween and I love it! I brought it to school (freshman girl in high school) and everyone loved it. It’s very high-quality and it’s veeeryyyy funny; I was on a lot of my friends’ Snapchat stories because of it. The only problem is that it smells a little, like rubber, but it’s not bad. Overall, this is probably one of the best masks I’ve ever gotten.”


Best Michael Myers Halloween Mask

“The mask is awesome. It freaked me out when I first opened it. My wife was scared to the max when I popped out of the closet with a knife in my hand. Rated ten out of ten in my book. I had worries because of my big dome, but it fit just right. You purchase this and people will be freaked out.”


Best Unicorn Halloween Mask

“This was part of a birthday present for a friend. It really looks great! In fact, it is so creepy and realistic (well, realistic for a unicorn), it makes me wonder if they’re actually making these out of unicorn heads. I mean — it does smell kind of funky … but, either way — it is a great mask, holds up well, and was good for a lot of laughs!!”


Best Creepy-Clown Halloween Mask

“Great mask!! One of the best I have ever bought!! We celebrate Halloween (trick-or-treating) a day early in my town due to a townwide parade on Halloween day, and the mask was a big hit! Many of the kids were afraid to come to the house because it was so realistic. I have a large head and it fit perfectly. I was able to see out of the eyes pretty well, and no one could see my eyes when looking at me. The long, curly tongue and sharp teeth were a perfect addition to the mask … it made most of the adults cringe!! Well worth the money! Many people are freaked out by clowns during happy events, but this mask will keep you away from the circus for the rest of your life!!”

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Best Dog Halloween Mask

“This mask is arguably one of my best purchases ever. People constantly compliment me, and I feel like an instant celebrity wherever I go. Everybody wants to be my friend, and I’m suddenly in with all the cool kids. Sometimes, I sit and think about what my life could have been like had I had this mask since I was a little schoolboy.”


Best Anime Halloween Mask

“I knew nothing about Tokyo Ghoul (the five-minute summary on YouTube is hilarious!), so I got it for appearance alone, with the white wig to match. I wanted this for a quick-and-dirty costume option when I don’t feel like a full costume-and-makeup job. And it works! I wore the mask and wig with some plain old black clothes to a party. ALL EYES FOLLOWED ME. It’s both creepy as hell and too interesting to look away! The insane grin does it, I think. And of course, I’m totally unrecognizable until I speak, so all-around Costume Kudos!”


Best Jason Hockey Halloween Mask

“Best Jason mask I’ve ever bought. Only moderate self artwork is needed to bring this thing to movie-quality. I am amazed at the great yellow coating they applied, but I also slashed it up some more and added black, faded circles to each hole to make it look more movie-quality. Perfect rare find, and worth every penny.”


Best Masquerade Halloween Mask

“We went to a masquerade party on New Year’s Eve, and this was one of the masks we bought. It’s beautiful, fits well, and enhances the beauty of the wearer (my daughter-in-law). The mask is made with thin, bendable wire that’s quite comfortable to wear, and bends around your face. The eye holes are the right size, making it look like exotic make up, rather than a mask. It ties in the back with silk ribbon ties and has lovely crystals at the points that fit on your nose and forehead. An amazing buy for under $20.”


Best Batman Halloween Mask

“This mask is legit! I rented a costume and the other mask was HUGE, like ‘needing a head the size of a pumpkin’ huge. My girlfriend and I had just started dating, and she was going as a smoking-hot Catwoman. I knew if I showed up in one of those crappy, cheesy Batman costume, things would not go well. I had already dropped a lot on the rented costume, and they refunded me $25 to spend on a mask. After much research, I ordered this one. It arrived and looked and fit just like something out of the movies. We got compliments all night long. I looked awesome!”

Best Darth Vader Halloween Mask

“This is a great helmet. Received a lot of compliments on it. It fit over my rather large head, with glasses on. It is a full head helmet, adding that much more realism to the Vader costume. It’s plastic, so it’s a little stuffy, but that means that just breathing normally results in the Darth Vader breathing sound effect, no additional purchase required! View through the lenses is highly distorted.”


Best Leatherface Halloween Mask

“The mask looks freaking amazing; it looks exactly like the movie. When it says tight fit, they mean that the neck doesn’t have a slit, so it fits tight for the most part, but it’s kind of big on the inside. If you’re still in high school, weigh 170 pounds, muscular but a little skinny, it’s gonna look pretty big unless you wear the full costume. But I got a Styrofoam head for it, and it sits on my shelf full of horror-movie props I’ve bought over time. It looks awesome. I highly recommend this mask to anybody; I know you will not be disappointed. It comes in a box, so it’s a little out of shape at first, just stuff it with crumpled-up paper and it’ll get the shape back within a couple hours. It’s thick latex and it’s definitely going to last. If you’re a Leatherface fan and you want a GOOD-quality mask that looks identical to the remake one, THIS IS THE MASK YOU WANT! Choose this one.”


Squirrel Products Hillary Clinton Mask

“All right, this does not hit it out of the park as far as the resemblance goes, but you can tell this is Hillary. It looks EXACTLY as pictured, so there should be no surprises. It is a three-quarters mask, so the bottom portion of the back of your head will be exposed. I suppose you could wear a hood, which Hillary never would. Or maybe you have the exact same shade of hair, and it will blend perfectly. Anyway, there is a 50-50 chance (or maybe higher?) that it will still work for the next four or eight Halloweens, so it could end up being a good investment. One downside is the smell of the mask. It’s super latex-y and may bother some folks. Obviously NOT a choice for those with latex allergies, either. The description says it has a foam insert for comfort, but mine does not. If you’re looking for a quick, easy, timely mask for this Halloween and happen to own a red or blue ladies’ suit, go for it!”


Caufield’s Donald Trump Mask

“Awesome mask. Looks just like the Orange One. Angry, ugly face, etc. Scared the crap out of my kids with it. It was also a hit at our daily meeting at work. I wore it to let them know, and I am letting you know this, believe me, that this is the best team of people. Better than the people you know — believe me. This is the best Trump mask; other Trump masks are low-energy, and I mean, just look at the faces on them! I am all for masks; I love masks; masks love me; I hate masks; we need to get rid of them; don’t worry, I will get the mask vote. To those who buy other Trump masks? SAD!”

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