Halloween DIY: Cross-Stitch Pumpkins

When I at first started making as well as marketing online, some of my very first jobs were embroidery and also cross-stitch hoops. Being a devoted movie-watcher, working with a needle and also needlework string is a terrific way to get some job done while still having the ability to see your favored Netflix show.

So you bet I was delighted to take one of my favored leisure activities and use it to pumpkins with these Cross-Stitch Pumpkins! Non-traditional pumpkins are definitely on-trend this year, and also these pumpkins are just as simple and enjoyable to make without the trouble of bursting out the mini pumpkin-carving saws. And also, you can still utilize whichever design and colors you want in order to personalize your pumpkins to fit your visual.

Halloween DIY: Cross Stitch Pumpkins
Halloween DIY: Cross Stitch Pumpkins


  • Drill
  • Drill bit (1/16)
  • Pumpkins (I used ones that are 5″ in diameter)
  • Embroidery thread
  • Large embroidery needle
  • Printed design that you want to put on your pumpkin
  • Clay tool or something to poke small holes in the pumpkin
  • Tools to cut and gut pumpkin (such as a knife and large spoon to scoop out the inside)


Step 1: Tidy as well as digestive tract the pumpkin entirely to prep it for the needlework string.

Step 2: Create a layout on a 4 ″ x 4 ″ grid (this is exactly how large my grid was based upon the dimension of the pumpkins I utilized), and also print and also quit.

Halloween DIY: Cross Stitch Pumpkins

Step 3: Place the style on the pumpkin as well as, utilizing your clay device, make small openings on the edges of each square in your layout. You do not require to penetrate right with, simply sufficient to ensure that you can see the hole once the style is gotten rid of from the pumpkin.

Halloween DIY: Cross Stitch Pumpkin

Step 4: Using the drill, make the openings you simply made larger and also pierce completely with to the within the pumpkin.

Halloween DIY: Cross Stitch Pumpkin

Step 5: Thread your needlework needle with string. Utilizing your published layout as an overview, jab the needle in an opening approaching the within the pumpkin and after that back via an additional opening to the outdoors, developing X’s in the squares of your layout.

Step 6: When you are completed, get rid of the needle, reduced any type of excess string as well as knot the string on the within the pumpkin. Area the leading back on as well as flaunt your production!

Halloween DIY: Cross-Stitch Pumpkins

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